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Pursuit - Spirit of Intellectual properties

The intellectual property system has a long history which seems to have firstly established in Venice in the 15th century.
Nowadays, almost all countries around the world have their own IP systems, which are still undergoing continuous development. This is truly because the IP system beneficially contributes to people in the countries.
In reality, however, people in the countries having the IP system do not always understand the real meanings or enjoy the contribution of the system. Though the IP rights have stable statuses as monopoly, some countries, in the course of the development, once decided to abandoned their award system and even the patent system itself, due to the antipathy to “monopoly” rights.
Afterwards, in those countries, it was so recognized that giving exclusive statuses to people who made useful inventions does prominently help to facilitate exploitation of the invention, and eventually brings benefits to people in the countries. Such recognition resulted in the prosperity of the IP systems all over the world. This circulation will never be changed in the future.
In my belief, the most important thing is that the IP system should be administered, with sufficiently understanding the spirit of intellectual properties, by inventors and companies who are directly involved in creative activities; the Japan Patent Office as an authority for granting the IP rights; and patent attorneys, attorneys at law, and courts as specialists for protecting the rights..

Tashiro & Etoh Patent Bureau
President, Patent Attorney,
Toshiaki Etoh